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Location: 1 Libera Avenue, Padstow, NSW , 2211

Our Services

STARS provides ABA consultation to young children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or another developmental disability.

STARS work 1 to 1 with children to teach a wide variety of skills such as:

  • Receptive/listening,

  • Expressive communication and language acquisition skills,

  • Requesting, Answering questions & Having conversations,

  • Toilet training,

  • Dressing & Grooming,

  • Behaviour/Self regulation skills,

  • Coping and Emotions,

  • Waiting & Turn-taking,

  • Accepting being told “no”,

  • Independent, cooperative play skills and social skills.

Initial consultation

FREE Initial Telephone Consultation

A free initial telephone consultation will help determine if STARS is the right fit for your family.

NDIS Funding

Plans & Reports

STARS can provide services to NDIS Self-managed and Plan managed families, including writing progress reports for NDIS reviews.


Evidence Based & Data Driven

Your child's developmental skill level will be evaluated using a variety of evidence based assessments

Parental Support

STARS will consult with you on a regular basis to help you learn the principles of ABA and ways to apply these strategies at home with your child. STARS believe that parental involvement is paramount. You are your child’s number one and best teacher, it is our job to ensure you have the support to be successful.

School Observation and Consultation

Your child’s behaviour consultant will consult with classroom teachers and other professionals including speech pathologists and occupational therapists etc. and is able to join you at IEP meetings if desired to be part of the multidisciplinary team.

Program Development

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

A Board Certified Behaviour Analyst or a Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst will create a unique and individualised treatment plan for your child based on your child’s comprehensive assessment.

Recruitment & Supervision

Working and Learning Opportunities

STARS can provide supervision for new BCaBA candidates and BCaBA’s with career opportunities.

Team Meetings

Strategy & Review

Your child’s behaviour consultant will meet with you, your child’s therapist and your child as often as twice per week for troubleshooting and changing programs/ strategies as your child learns and progresses.

Danielle Higgins,
BCBA, Clinical Director

Danielle is a board certified behaviour analyst (BCBA) who has been using the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to teach children and their families since 2007.

  • Using ABA since 2007

  • Over 15 years experience in early intervention

  • Has worked in a school, home, clinic and within the community

Danielle Higgins

Danielle specialises in the assessment and treatment of children Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She has attained:

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2008, University of Ulster in Ireland

  • Master of Science in ABA in 2011, University of Ulster in Ireland

Danielle is passionate about delivering evidence-based early intervention to children to help them achieve their full potential. Her interests include tolerance and communication training. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and catching up with friends.


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